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The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, February 3, 2018, for their last Saturday night regular board meeting night. 
Eighteen directors and 18 guests were present.
Craig Stump, President, called the meeting to order.
Jon Cross, Economic Director for Hardin County, spoke about his reasons for running for State Representative.  He also thanked the fair board for putting on a great fair.
Mark Light, Hardin County OSU Extension Agent announced the Amanda Raines has been promoted as another Hardin County OSU Educator.
Kenny Kearns and Lisa Ferguson announced they have the draft horse show bill and sponsors for their show.  
Tim Striker, who is running for Hardin County Commissioner, thanked the fair board for all they do and presented the fair board with a framed print of an advertising poster from 1907.  
Catherine Osborne thanked the bard for all they do.
Ray Davis thanked the fair board for his OFMA Hall of Fame Honor.
Lesa Heacock, from the Kenton Times, gave the Kenton Times proposal for making the fair premium books at the same cost as last year.  
Chad Spencer, from WKTN radio, stated they will be having the same coverage of the fair as in the past.
Dave Compton, from Digital Signage, gave some quotes for having a digital sign at the fairgrounds.  This will be discussed further with the advertising committee.
Correspondences were read from Paul Harris, 2nd Vice President of the Ohio Fair Managers Association, Crista Wortkoetter, 2017 Ohio Fair’s Queen, and Quest Federal Credit Union.  
Jim Bidwell was nominated as the 2018 Fair Honoree.  The prices for box seats, gate admission and open class (everything other than livestock) will be the same as last year.  Box seats are $500, gate admission is $8 and open class entries are $.50.  
There will be a reserved bid for the mower at the consignment sale.  Items to be sold at the consignment sale were approved.  The board agreed to purchase a portable post driver.  Two sets of portable steps will be sold at the consignment sale.  Suggestions for Community Foundation grants were discussed.  Those were portable steps for the community building, folding plastic 8’ tables and foldable plastic picnic tables.  Kelly Buchenroth discussed the gas bill.
Craig Stump, chairman of the Camping Committee, there will be a camping committee meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 7pm. 
Brad Murphy, representing the entertainment committee, stated free entertainment for the 2018 Hardin County Fair will be a glass blower for every day of the fair, the Columbus Zoo for 2 days – like last year, the woodcarver – Thursday – Saturday of the fair and Dino-Roar.  The Dino-Roar exhibit will have 4 one hour shows every day of the fair and will have a roaming dinosaur walking the midway several times throughout the day.  The board moved to accept having a Hardin County Truck and Tractor Pull on Friday night of the fair.  There will 2 sessions of harness racing on Thursday of the fair, one at 11am and one at 6pm.  Rob Wilson stated an entertainer for Saturday night of the fair has been accepted and the name of the entertainer will be announced on May 6th.  The board moved to accept the prices of the tickets for the concert at $15, $20, and $25.  There will also be an opening act to start at 7pm.  It was announced the Sheep Lead show will now start at 5pm, to allow those individuals participating, to be able to attend the concert.  There will be a JR Fair Kid’s Fun Night on Wednesday night of the fair in the grandstand.  The board moved to accept a time change for the Hour of Inspiration - to start at 10am.  The auction of glass blower items and wood carver items will now start at 11:30am.  
Howard Lyle, chairperson of the swine committee announced a change for 2018 in the swine dept.  Only hogs weighing 220-285 pounds will be able to go through the JR Fair Livestock Sale on Saturday of the fair.  There will no longer be over and underweight categories.  Those hogs not making weight will only get market value for their hogs and those exhibitors will only be able to do showmanship.  Those hogs will also have their own market value.  The board moved to sell beef feeders at the Saturday livestock sale, so those exhibitors can receive a premium.  Cattle will also need to receive their shots and 840 tags by June 1st of this year.  A discussion regarding livestock judging grades, to be the same as their premium grade was tabled until the next board meeting.  More discussion is needed on this topic.  Discussion about non-livestock projects all receiving $2, for A, B, and C grades needs more discussion, too.  The board moved to change the showmanship age to Jan. 1st, the 4-H age.  This will help the beginner showmanship exhibitors to show in the level 8 year old categories.    
Janie Seiler, chairperson of the rides committee, stated Durant is keeping their prices the same this year.  They will continue to be all day $12 wristbands.
Nancy Rickenbacher, chairperson of the Jr. Fair board, stated Claire Wilson – Hardin County’s 2017 Fair Queen,  was in the top 15 out of 76 at the Ohio Fair Queen’s Contest in January.  Anyone wanting to run for the 2018 Hardin County Fair Queen, that doesn’t belong to a current Hardin County School, will now apply through the Hardin County OSU Extension Office.  Nancy stated anyone wanting to donate towards ribbons or trophies at the Hardin County Fair should contact the fair office.  There are opportunities available.  The 1st Jr. Fair Board Meeting for 2018, will be on Monday, Feb. 26th in the Community Building.  
Rob Wilson, chairperson for the advertising/sponsorship committee, stated billboards outside of the county will be utilized this year.  There will be a map of the fairgrounds added to the brochures.  Bumper stickers will be made by T & L Graphics.  There will be a new category for sponsorship this year, a $50 add on feature for advertising on the TV’s in the show arena.  The board accepted the 2018 advertising budget.    
Under old business:
The consignment sale is Saturday, March 10th at 9am, with items being dropped off Wednesday – Friday 9am-5pm, March 7-9th.  The constitution for the Hardin County Ag. Society was reviewed, so it could be sent to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture.  The 2016-2017 Audit is now complete.  
Under new business: 
Discussion was had about the selling of membership tickets.  A 5 year contract for renting golf carts for the fair was approved.  The contract for F & L Septic was forwarded to the ground’s committee for further discussion.  The district I & II meeting in Jenera, Ohio is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at 10:30am and a final count of who is attending will be needed by the next board meeting.  The board accepted a donation of $150 from the Hardin County Dairy Service to set up a fair fund.  
The next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, March 7th at 7:00pm in the Arts & Crafts Building.  This will be the board’s first regular meeting on a Wednesday.

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