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The Kenton City Council met last night in a speedy session.


In the twenty minute meeting President of the Council Joel Althauser opened and after the normal proceedings discussion was had over the small amount of funds available. Mr. Althauser assured the Council that this was normal for the beginning of the year.


In old business an ordinance was passed by a unanimous vote after the suspension of the third hearing rule.


This was also the case for an ordinance in new business which pertained to homeowners who have garages obstructing the pathway of small alleyways.


In comments, Mr. Althauser encouraged the council to consider how to ease the growing problem of feral cats in the city of Kenton. This was brought up after several council members admitted that they had several complaints from citizens over the past few years.


In other comments, the finance committee's monthly meeting was moved to next Tuesday at 5:30PM in the council chambers to accommodate Presidents day.


The City Council will meet again on February 26th at 7pm.


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