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Kenton Firefighter Gabe Sutton dropped by the morning show yesterday to remind us that when we spring our clocks ahead, we should spring some new batteries in our smoke detectors too.


“Change your clocks and change your batteries” Sutton said. “You should change them two times a year with both time changes. That ensures that your batteries are good to go in the case of a fire.”


Time change also can serve as a reminder to practice the home evacuation plan.


“We call it E.D.I.T.H., Exit Drills In The Home” explained Sutton. “We encourage - especially with the younger kids - to know two ways out of the home, but that goes for the adults too” he said. “Then, when you get out, stay out, and have a meeting place...whether it’s the big tree in the front yard or the mailbox. Once everyone is out and meets there, they stay there” he said.


Funding these fire safety programs is provided by events like the 3rd Annual golf outing for the Kenton Firefighters Local 2648. The event is set for July 21st. Some of the proceeds from that event go to fire safety programming in the community.


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