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Maybe you haven't really noticed it before, but Grove Cemetery in Kenton is home to several different kind of grave markers.


Most monuments on grave sites are made of stone, but these markers are not.




The markers were referred to as white bronze although they are neither white or bronze. They are made of zinc, and exposure to the elements give them their distinctive blue-gray color.


They were manufactured by the Monumental Bronze Company based in Bridgeport, Connecticut.




The company had its beginnings in 1874 and stopped production of the zinc grave markers in 1914.


For whatever reason, the markers never became popular. Some cemeteries don' have a single one. That is despite the fact that after over 130 plus years later, every name, every word and every date is as clear as the date it was cast.



You'll find at least 7 of these markers in Grove Cemetery, which indicates the area was served by an unusually successful agent.


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