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For the past three years Kenton Wildcats sports fans have been mesmerized by the moves and skills. While you may be thinking about the student athletes on the field or the court, I’m talking about a different student athlete - Wiley the Wildcat.  Wiley has been seen doing handstands, giving shoulder massages, shaking his tail during free-throws, and taunting a few game officials and spectators. Even our very own Bob Simmons is a Wiley fan.


Wiley does a somersault after being introduced at a Kenton Wildcats game in 2017.


For Jenna Burd, it’s not just a costume. It’s a personality. When you ask Burd where she gets her ideas and energy she has a simple reply.


“I really don’t know. It just comes to me...I am a totally different person.” Burd said. “I could never dance or do somersaults in front of a whole crowd.”


Burd said that no matter the score of the game, she’s always ready to help fans enjoy themselves.


The Mascot taunts some visiting students athletes during a game this past season.


“It’s so much fun to just interact with the games and the people that love the games. I just like to help them enjoy it even more.”


Wiley is known for his slick dance moves to the tunes spun on the Public Address system or by the Wildcat pep band.


“Dancing is where some people ask ‘What is she doing?’ and some people that say ‘Oh okay! I get it!” Burd said.


Jenna had the original dream to go to Chicago and be her favorite mascot, Benny the Bull. However, will be attending Clark State University for nursing in the coming autumn semester, hanging up her mascot mask.


The unmasked Burd waves to her fans during the senior night festivities at her final home football game.


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