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SAN DIEGO (AP) — Investigators have confirmed that the deaths of a teenage girl and two women in a house in one of the nation's wealthiest communities were a murder-suicide.


Rancho Sante Fe


Michael Arya, who owned the home in Rancho Santa Fe, north of San Diego, died of cancer in April. Authorities say his sister stabbed the others before killing herself this week.


San Diego County Sheriff's Lt. Kenn Nelson on Friday identified the sister as 52-year-old Sayeh Amini. He says she stabbed to death her 15-year-old niece, Hannah Arya, and her brother's 56-year-old business associate, Ihnwon Mia Shin.


Deputies responding to reported child abuse found the bodies Monday.


Nelson says Amini stabbed herself to death.


He declined to comment further.


Attorney Carl Starrett told reporters that Amini was overwhelmed from handling her brother's estate.


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