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NEW YORK (AP) — An estimated 1 million revelers have rung in the new year in Times Square screaming and kissing as the glittering crystal ball dropped.


New Year's Eve revelers began to fill Times Square hours before midnight. They braved cold temperatures and strong winds at the Crossroads of the World to greet 2017 amid heavy police protection.


New York City's police commissioner says more than 7,000 officers worked to secure the city during New Year's Eve celbrations..


Commissioner James O'Neill says everyone should feel safe, especially in Times Square, where perhaps and million or more revelers gathered to watch the crystal ball drop and ring in 2017.


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (bahn kee-moon) pushed the Waterford crystal button to begin the 60-second countdown to 2017, along with Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh). Merrymakers cheered, hugged and kissed as the clock struck 12 and 2016 was in the books.


Police say there were no specific, credible terror threats against the city. But police say they were prepared — including lining the Manhattan streets near the celebration with sanitation trucks filled with sand to prevent any attempts to drive into crowds.


O'Neill also says the NYPD redeployed some specialized units in other parts of the city after learning about the deadly attack at nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey.


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