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Columbus, OH (March 12, 2018) - Whether you are looking for a good spring break deal, going on an annual holiday trip, or have decided you just need a vacation, BBB warns travellers to plan ahead, avoid scams and travel safely.
Scammers commonly target people looking for great deals online by offering tempting vacation packages at unrealistically low prices. BBB.org is a great resource for finding travel agencies, agents and websites that are reputable and dependable.
Here are some additional tips from BBB to help ensure a worry-free vacation:
Avoid broad online searches. When trying to make reservations or find activities on your trip, avoid entering phrases like ‘best deals’ into whichever search engine you use. Broad search terms can sometimes lead you to websites that look official, but are designed solely to rip people off.
Get trip details in writing. Before making your final payment, get all the details of the trip in writing. This should include the total cost, restrictions, cancellation penalties, and names of the airlines and hotels. Also, review and keep a copy of the airline’s and hotel’s cancellation and refund policies, as well as the cancellation policies of the travel agency or booking site you are using.
Pay with a credit card. Paying with a credit card gives you additional protection if something should go wrong when booking your trip or while traveling.
Wait to post on social media. We all like to share our vacation adventures with friends and family, but wait until you get back from your trip. Giving too much detail about when you will be away, and your home will be empty, could attract thieves.
Check your home insurance. If your home will be unattended while you are away, make sure you know your responsibilities under your home insurance policy. Some policies do not cover damage if nobody checks on your home for a certain amount of time.
Share a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend. Include the contact information of someone joining you on your trip.
Take a map. People rely heavily on smartphones and GPS. Have a hard copy backup in case of technical difficulties or if you are going through an area with poor cellphone reception.
Check the weather conditions where you will be traveling and pack appropriate supplies and clothing.
Avoid traveling alone. Use the buddy system and stick with your friends.
Use hotel safes to store extra cash and keep any valuables under lock and key.
To find additional traveling resources, tips and businesses you can trust, visit bbbtravelhelp.com!
For more information, follow your BBB on Facebook, Twitter, and at bbb.org.

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