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 Intern brings the "I" in Interviews

By: WCC Intern Alec Keller

In the fall, my teacher Mrs.Cross assigned me a capstone project which is a type of project in which you utilize your knowledge or skills gained from your internship and put it into some kind of project which is great for solving a real-world business problem or draft a business plan for an entreprenuerial effort. I suggested that I should interview juniors and seniors from Kenton High School in the WCC (Wildcat Community Connectors) program to get their experiences and what they've learned from their internships in their workplaces. Interviewing is also a skill gained from working in radio. I used these interviews to both benefit WKTN and the WCC Program in an attempt to get them both good attention and feedback and the community.



The Wildcat Community Connectors(WCC) program is a semester-long. career skills elective, and internship course for KHS Juniors and Seniors. In this program you go to a local business and gain educational/training requirements for that career of their interest and develop job skills that will help them qualify for successful employment opportunities. You will meet mentors from the job who are essentially your boss and will train you to develop the skills you need for the field you are trying for. Students have two periods 7th and 8th in their schedule for the class and off campus internship experience. In the internship students must complete a minimum of 60 hours, meet once a week in the classroom to hear guest speaker presentations on career skills, complete a capstone project, and share experiences on their internships. At the end of the year there is an Exposition where KHS Students, teachers, WCC Mentors, and members of the community are invited to attend, To learn more about the WCC program contact Chrstina Cross, the WCC Instructor and KHS Teacher. You can email her at crossc@kentoncityschools.org


Alec Interviews Abbi Amweg on her internship.


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