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A Bellefontaine resident was the target of a different kind of phone scam attempt Wednesday.


WPKO reported that a woman received a call from someone claiming to be a captain for the New York Police Department, who told her she won over $600,000 in the Publisher's Clearing House. A few hours later, the woman got a call from someone claiming to be Lt. Herring, from the Bellefontaine Police Department, who told her they received a fax from New York confirming her prize. A short time later, the woman received a call from the New York Police Department telling her she needed to purchase two $1000 WalMart gift cards. This is when the woman realized this was a scam, and she did not purchase the gift cards.


The incident was reported to the Bellefontaine Police Department who believe the scam artists researched police department rosters to use their names.


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