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Upper Sandusky's Girls Tennis Team finished as runner-up in the 2017 Sam Sabback Tennis Invitational at Bucyrus High School on Saturday.  
Galion took home the first place trophy and Ontario finished in third place. Other teams participating were Mansfield St. Peters, Marion Pleasant, River Valley, Bucyrus, and Clear Fork.
Sisters Jodi and Mara Smalley won first place in the First Doubles bracket of the tournament.  They defeated Ontario's duo of Workman and Doklovic in the first round by a score of 8-1 (tournament was all 8 game pro sets) before defeating the #1 seeded duo of Drollinger and McCoy of Marion Pleasant in the second round by a score of 8-2.  In the finals, the Smalleys defeated Davis and Thomas from Clear Fork 8-4.
Coach Aaron Frazee said, "A great victory for our team and for the Smalley girls! They didn't get a seed because they just hadn't played together much this year, but they really had it rolling and they just played awesome against the team from Marion Pleasant, who are 8-1 this season.  They were aggressive at the net and just were placing the balls where their opponents couldn't get to them.  I hope this kind of propels them forward as we move toward the Sectional Tournament."
In the Second Doubles bracket, Samantha Fagan and Lyndsey McQuown were playing together for the first time and finished as the runners up.  In the first round they defeated Clear Fork's Rodriguez and Salyers by a score of 8-3.  In the second round, they defeated Pleasant's Wasnik and Goebbel 8-4 before eventually falling in the finals to Ontario (Burson and Salyers) by a score of 8-0.
"A tough loss to finish the tournament for them but they really played well in their first two matches.  Lyndsey has been solid for us all year at 2nd Doubles but Sam had kind of bounced around the lineup.  So to see them work as a team and get some wins was a good thing.  Ontario had a really good duo at 2nd Doubles we would have had to have played perfect tennis to even have a chance at beating them," siad Coach Frazee.
At Third Singles, Emma Schoenberger finished as the third place finisher.  In the opening round, she defeated Fohl from River Valley by a score of 8-1.  In the second round, Emma lost to Davis of Pleasant by a score of 8-4.  She struggled with her serve at the start of this match, and that is really the best part of her game.  But she was down 3-0 before she knew what hit her.  But from that point she rallied and really played even with a really good opponent.  In the consolation match, Emma defeated Foss from Ontario by a score of 8-6.  
The coach added, "Emma's only been playing tennis for about six weeks (after coming over volleyball), so she has been a super pleasant surprise.  She has great movement on the court and an unbelievable serve for someone just starting out playing.  Going to be fun to see her get better as the season moves on. We were unable to get wins in the first and second singles brackets.  Mady West lost in the first singles bracket to Prederi from Bucyrus (8-2) in the first round.  Dani Conigy lost to Dunaway from Pleasant (8-0) in the second singles bracket.  We were asking a lot of these girls who had to play higher up the ladder than they usually would due to one of our players taking the ACT today. Even though they didn't win, they did compete and try to get some points for the team."

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