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Bowling Green State University is putting a pay lock on Tuition and Room and Board for the upcoming 2018 year according to The Findlay Courier.


With information from the Courier, Bowling Green University plans to put a pay lock on Tuition and Room Board. The plan known as the “Falcon Tution Graduation Plan” will be put into place starting in 2018 for all students of Bowling Green despite their status. This will insure that the price that students arrange to pay at the beginning of their freshman year will remain the same until graduation.


BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey said, “With the “Falcon Tution Graduation Plan” what they pay as Freshman, they continue to pay as Seniors, so they can budget accordingly.” This plan will go into effect for all undergraduate students starting in the fall of 2018.


Bowling Green has not raised its prices since 2013.


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