1137 Coronavirus Cases Reported in Ohio

Posted on March 27, 2020

The Ohio Department of Health, reported that there were 1137 cases as of this afternoon, a large jump from 867 on Thursday.


In our region, five counties have at least one case.


There are:


Two in Hancock County, two in Logan County, five in Marion three in Union County and one in Wyandot County.


276 people have been hospitalized, with 91 in intensive care units. 


19 have died as of Thursday, compared to 15 on Wednesday.


Governor Mike DeWine said today that is time to ramp up the process of preparing for an onslaught of coronavirus cases around the state.

DeWine said based on models provided by the Cleveland Clinic, the number of cases in the state are not expected to peak until at least mid May.

As Ohio continues to practice social distancing and staying at home, it’s now time to accelerate the buildup to ensure hospitals have needed materials and people in need around the state can get the help they need.

DeWine noted that he is not trying to alarm people, but he wants everyone to know the reality we’re facing in light of the pandemic.

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