2020 Ball Park Bash Raises Over $7300

Posted on August 25, 2020

Kenton, Oh – The Home Memorial Park and Kenton Little League hosted their 3rd Annual Ball Park Bash on Saturday, August 24th.

4 bands thrilled the crowd and played until 12:30am.

At the height of the concert, paid gate was 727 attendees and the total raised to help pay off the ball park was $7366.

“We are very grateful to the sponsors, bands and concert goers that came out and supported the kids and our park” stated Matt Jennings, Fundraising Trustee for Kenton Little League.

“The crowd was great, they truly enjoyed all the bands and several have been requested to come back next year. It was great to see a good size crowd show up to support the park and they were all respectful of the guidelines that we were under with social distancing” said Brandon Osborn, Concert Promoter.

Next year’s Ball Park Bash is slated for August 21st, 2021.

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