AAA Releases 2020 Ohio Traffic Studies

Posted on December 4, 2020

One result of the pandemic has been fewer cars on Ohio’s roads this year, yet fatal crashes have seen an increase.

AAA Ohio Auto Club reports the findings from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

ODOT found that April 2020 traffic counts were 49 percent of April 2019’s, and that current levels have remained around 15 percent below last year’s totals since the last week of June.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol, however, has found that 2020 has seen more fatal crashes, attributing the incidents to such factors as speed, impaired driving, and failure to wear safety belts.

Between mid-March and mid-November, an eight-percent increase in speed-related fatalities on the road were documented by OSHP, as was a 46-percent increase in citations for driving over 100 miles per hour.

More information on the studies conducted by ODOT, OSHP, and AAA may be found by calling (614) 431-7896.

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