Ag Hall of Fame Inducts New Members

The 2018 honorees were inducted into the Hardin County Agricultural Hall of Fame last night.


The induction was led off with opening remarks by, Dr. Stephen Baertsche, a 1971 graduate of Hardin Northern high school, an Ohio State University grad and a Doctorate graduate of Michigan State University. In his opening remarks, Baertsche, highlights how this years inductees are a great class to be joining previous winners. Baertsche encouraged the younger generations to live everyday with gratitude like he, the inductees and others before them have lived their lives.


It was then onto this years honorees, as Jan Layman, a Kenton high school graduate, was the first inducted on the night. Layman, a farmer and business owner in Hardin county, spoke to the crowd on the importance of living a full life. Layman spoke of making the dash in between your birth and death dates mean something when life is all said and done. Layman farms is an active business within the community doing a plethora of activities for residents of Hardin county.


Paul and Sanford McCurdy were inducted into the Ag Hall of Fame as a father and son duo. The pair, were partners of McCurdy Steel Products which held pattons in Canada and the United States. The company was responsible for the famous McCurdy farm elevators and gravity-flow grain boxes. Their award was accepted by Pauls daughter in law, Judy McCurdy, on their behalf.


Gary and Carol Oates were also inducted as part of the Hall of Fame as a husband and wife duo. Gary, a farmer in Hardin county and Carol, owner and veterinarian of Oates Veterinary Clinic in Kenton, have spent a lifetime in agriculture. Carol has been a veterinarian for the past 47 years and was directly involved in agriculture for the last 28 years working with large animals. She said that she misses connecting with farmers within the community.


The last inductee on the night was Gary Shick. Shick has been involved in agriculture for the last 52 years all while being active within the community. Over a career of farming, Shick, has been awarded many awards including Ohio Master Farmer in 2018. In his speech, Shick said that, family has been the most important part along his journey.


The 2018 Hardin County Ag Hall of Fame celebrated its 16th annual induction at St. Johns United Methodist Church.

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