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We have hit our initial $1000 goal! Heads-up if we can reach $1500 we will have a friend from the North Pole joining Buddy (Sam) the Elf for live storyline. Only $255 to go! Can you put $5 or $10 towards this? Thank you so much to all who have given thus far.

With multiple reports of the Grinch’s location, Officer Huffman was able to catch the Grinch downtown Bellefontaine on Friday, November 26th. After a brief pursuit, the Grinch was arrested. Watch Officer Huffman’s pursuit with the suspect below: At 4pm on Monday, the Grinch appeared before the Honorable Judge Kennedy on multiple charges. Judge Kennedy […]

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A 9-year-old girl in Florida was awarded by police after they say she fought off a robber to protect her mother – and it was all caught on video. Read More Here:

According to Google search data, the most popular Thanksgiving casserole in 17 states is either green bean or broccoli casserole.  Potato casseroles are #1 in 11 states.

A North Carolina family wants the golf cart someone stole from their driveway back. And this isn’t just any golf cart, it’s one of the few sources of comfort for their toddler, who’s battling brain cancer. Footage captured by the family’s and a neighbor’s Ring doorbell cameras shows a thief casually stealing the golf cart […]

What is a strange food hack you’ve tried or heard of? Could you water down your ketchup? @sensationalfoodie ⚠️Healthy Hack #1 #fyp #live #viral #ketchup #weird #foodie #food #yum #eat #healthy #healthyhack #uk #trend #london #chips #foryou #foryoupage #fy ♬ original sound – Dillward

A man is recovering after a frightening situation in Harford County on Sunday as a water rescue training exercise, which was being documented on video, turned into the real thing. Members of the Susquehanna Hose Company were out on the Susquehanna River doing water rescue exercises when all of a sudden, one man drove his […]

Barber Jon Escueta noticed kids lacking confidence and constantly on their phones at his shop. So, he started encouraging young clients to read a book aloud during their haircut, and the response was incredible. Read More:

On Saturday, after members of our department was finished with training, we done a service project for one of our members. Bob is 84 years young and has been a member of our department for several years. This project was made possible from those that donated to the fund earlier this year. During the donation […]

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