CCW Class Scheduled for May 14

Posted on May 2, 2022

A Concealed Carry Weapons Class is scheduled for May 14th at the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office. 

For persons wishing to carry a concealed handgun, training is very important.  

During the course, expert in-depth instruction will be given both in the classroom and on the live-fire range about firearm safety, safe handling and storage, mechanical operation of a handgun and more. 

This information is critical for the safety of the firearm operator and those around them. 

Even though SB 215 – Ohio’s Constitutional Carry Law, becomes effective June 13th, having the Concealed Carry Weapons license may yet be necessary in order to legally carry in other states.  

For complete details about the class contact Vickie Beach with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Volunteers in Police Service at (419) 674-6456.

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