Commissioners Hold April 15th Meeting

Written on April 22, 2021

The Hardin County Commissioners met on April 15th. They heard from the County engineer who had new county maps printed at a cost of $4 each. The Commissioners voted and approved to charge $2 each with cost going into the tax map office funds.

They also heard from Sharon Huston, Hardin Hills Administrator. Huston stated they are still behind $20,043 for the year and had a census of 63 as of the meeting. Tours of the facilities were provided with families asking for private rooms. Huston also stated that with their pharmacy company, they are offering COVID vaccines at Hardin Hills once per month and this was worked out thru the Governor.

Huston also shared an Option 6 to adding on to the facility that would allow for future expansion. The price tag for this option would be $1.7 million with no furniture. More research needs to be done on the regulations of the American Recovery Funds to verify availability and stipulations.

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