Commissioners Prepping for Possibly Closing Courthouse

Posted on March 16, 2020

The Hardin County Commissioners hosted a policy meeting this morning for the purposes of making future decisions on operations at the courthouse in light of the coronavirus pandemic.


Several elected officials and department heads were on hand for the meeting held in the Veteran’s Office.


Prosecutor Brad Bailey stated that the commissioners, while responsible for daily operations, can’t declare an emergency effectively closing the courthouse.


That decision he said will be up to each office holder. They will be responsible for their staff and office hours.


The idea was floated that perhaps the offices would be open with limited staff, allowing at least one employee to volunteer working on a rotating basis or to be on call and report as needed. Some could also work from home when possible.


No decision was made at the meeting.


Office heads are now encouraged to talk with employees and gather any questions they have and submit them to the commissioners.


A full department heads meeting may be necessary to begin answering the questions and formulate a plan going forward.

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