Commissioners Say They are Not Actively Closing Hardin Hills Health Center

Written by on October 15, 2021

The Hardin County Commissioners addressed what they called a regrettable incident involving a memo accidently being sent to Department Heads at Hardin Hills Health Center regarding the status of the facility.

At a meeting last week, the Commissioners stated that they are not actively closing Hardin Hills.

They pointed out that they are in a position with good reserves, but they acknowledged that salaries are “crazy industry-wide,” and they are trying to keep up, because their aim is to keep good people at Hardin Hills, which is why they are adjusting salaries.

The county is hoping for relief from the government to keep the reserve, but there is no guarantee.

The bottom line, according to the commissioners, is that they are committed to keeping the facility open.

Commissioner Fred Rush pointed out three resolutions that they recently signed regarding wage increases as proof of that commitment.

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