Jon Cross responded Tuesday to allegations that have been made against him in a PAC sponsored ad currently airing.


The candidate for the 83rd Ohio House seat called the ad fake and dirty politics, and Cross also added that the Cheryl Buckland campaign has reached a new low.


Cross, with his wife Christina by his side, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon and revealed that Monday evening on his way from Findlay, he observed someone on a supporter's property tampering with one of his signs, "I had noticed the gentleman walking down the road, and I was able to identify him as my opponent's husband. He was touching and tampering with my campaign sign. He looked up, he saw me, and he stopped this illicit activity."


The incident was reported to the Hancock County Sheriff's Office and remains under investigation at this time.


On the topic of attack ad airing against him, Cross responded to the part that he was fired as a legislative aid while working at the State House in 2003 for falsifying time cards.


Cross said that if his memory serves him, he was unaware at the time what may have counted as work hours, "See when you're a legislative aide, at the time I don't believe you're allowed to work in the district or you're allowed to go to events in Ohio to represent a legislator. I think you're work only counted if you worked in the office, and so there might have been some events I was trying to go to that I thought was work related, and I believe was work related."


He went on to apologize for that incident and said he's ready to move on.