Cross Asking for Apology and Retraction Over Findlay Newspaper Opinion Piece

Written on April 19, 2021

State Representative Jon Cross took exception with an editorial piece printed in the Findlay Courier newspaper on Monday April 19 that states in part, “Republicans in Columbus and in Washington risk becoming known as pro-massacre legislators if all they continue to offer after mass killings with semi-automatic weapons are thoughts and prayers. It happened again on Thursday, in Indianapolis, where a gunman killed eight people and injured four others before killing himself.”

The opinion article in the newspaper pointed out that, “In Columbus, just this week, 14 Ohio lawmakers joined to support legislation that would undermine any federal regulations that might be adopted to stem the tide of violence, to keep these weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of mentally deranged individuals or others who would commit mass murder. Thee 14 lawmakers supporting this legislation are promising to undermine the rule of law. Their promise means more people will be killed when another massacre happens, and it will happen, later today, or tomorrow and again next week. They are promising all that, and nothing more. This is pro-massacre legislation, forevermore, and lawmakers need to be held to account for that.”

The paper then listed the names of the lawmakers and asked readers to call them and tell them what they think.

One of the names listed was Rep. Jon Cross from the 83rd District, who took exception to the opinion and called for a public apology and retraction from Ogden Newspapers. owners of the Findlay Courier.

Cross issued this press release late this afternoon:

COLUMBUS — State Rep. Jon Cross (R-Kenton) today demanded an apology by ownership of The Courier newspaper, which is based in Findlay, Ohio. The newspaper on Monday published an editorial headlined “Some Ohio lawmakers appear pro-massacre.”

Cross issued the following statement:

“Today I am calling for a public apology from Ogden Newspapers, owner of the Findlay Courier, for publishing an editorial that calls my Republican colleagues and me ‘pro-massacre.’

I understand that the newspaper and I may disagree on certain policies. I welcome disagreement and debate on the issues so that we may move forward as a state.

However, The Courier has crossed a line in its false characterization of me and my colleagues. It is reckless and unethical for the newspaper to have published such an editorial. For this reason, I also call for the newspaper to retract the editorial.

I stand strong in support of the Second Amendment, as does my district, which is why I am proud to cosponsor legislation to make Ohio a Sanctuary Second Amendment State. Two things that are non-negotiable: the sanctity of life and our inalienable rights, and I will always protect both!

The article also assumes that some legislation put forth by my Republican colleagues means more people will be killed. That is fear mongering.

I look forward to continuing my work in the Ohio House to protect Ohioans’ Constitutional Rights.”

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