Cross Votes in Favor of Amendment Banning Transgender Women from Competing in Women’s Sports

Posted on June 25, 2021

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed a bill to allow college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness after adding a transgender ban amendment into the legislation.

The amendment, which would ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports, was added by Rep. Jena Powell on Thursday. 

As Rep. Powell read the amendment, several members pounded on their desks.

The amended bill passed with a 57-36 vote.

One of the yes votes was cast by Rep. Jon Cross, who said on his Facebook page that “Democrats acted disorderly and disrespectful.” He added that it is “Shameful they won’t support female athletes and women’s rights.”

The bill will now go back to the Senate for a vote with the amendment before it would head to the desk of Gov. Mike DeWine. 

Governor Mike DeWine issued the following statement on Ohio House amendments to Senate Bill 187:

“This issue is best addressed outside of government, through individual sports leagues and athletic associations, including the Ohio High School Athletic Association, who can tailor policies to meet the needs of their member athletes and member institutions.”

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