Dan Robinson Retiring After Lengthy Kenton Times Career

Posted on May 27, 2022

Dan Robinson

Kenton Times reporter Dan Robinson is retiring after a lengthy career at the newspaper.

Robinson has been with the paper for 50 years.

He started in the press room where he spent the first 10 years before transitioning to the newsroom where he’s been for the last 40 years.

He’s covered countless meetings and has written so many articles, he couldn’t guess how many.

Looking back at his award winning career, he reflects, not bad for guy who started out in the press room, “I’ve had an opportunity, this is a guy whose job was changing the color of ink in the press every day, and my hands looked like it, to somebody who has, through good luck, photographed presidents, interviewed presidential candidates, taken pictures of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods on the sports side of it, politicians and entertainers. I’ve had opportunities that most guys don’t have, and I appreciate that.”

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