Dunkirk Among Multiple Communities Ohio to Receive First Round Water Infrastructure Grant Funding

Posted on October 26, 2021

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced today the first round of water infrastructure grant funding. 

A total of $250 million in grant funding will be invested in water infrastructure projects as part of the new Ohio BUILDS initiative. 

The first round of water infrastructure grants awards $93 million to 54 projects that impact communities in 60 Ohio counties. 

The remainder of the water infrastructure grants will be awarded in the coming weeks and will ultimately impact communities in every county in Ohio.

Receiving funding in the first round is the Village of Dunkirk.

The village will receive a $342,000 grant to replace existing floating aerators at the village‚Äôs wastewater treatment plant with a new aeration system that will provide a complete aeration and mixing process during the wastewater treatment process. 

This project will benefit 714 people.

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