Hardin County – During the month of August, Extension volunteer rainfall reporters received an average of 4.78 inches of rain.

The most rain for this month, 6.60 inches, fell in Lynn Township as measured by Jan Layman. The least rain reported during the month, 3.10 inches was reported in Cessna Township by Madelyn Lowery and 3.12 inches was reported in McDonald Township by Jerry Stout.

During the same month last year, an average of 1.39 inches of rain fell. The rainfall recorded in August over the past ten years averaged 3.19 inches.

For the growing season since April 15, the average precipitation in the townships was 19.60 inches, ranging from 25.90 inches in Hale Township to 14.78 inches in Pleasant Township. The growing season average rainfall was 1.59 inches above the ten-year average for Hardin County through August.

August continued the pattern of receiving weekly rainfall in Hardin County. Adequate rain should have allowed for good kernel fill in corn in most townships. Some areas of the county that may have experienced low levels of rainfall in July during pollination, may have had less kernels on corn ears develop to fill in August depending on planting date and corn maturity. Soybean plants throughout the county grew tall with the continued rain in August, resulting in more nodes where soybean pods attach.

These nodes allowed for high numbers of pods on soybean plants, which could translate to high soybean yields. Recent heavy rains have caused some soybean plants to lodge.

Corn silage harvest with farmers chopping corn for dairy cattle began in early September but was halted due to rains. Corn is drying rapidly in fields for the upcoming grain harvest, which may happen before some soybean fields. Soybeans are maturing and leaves are dropping, signaling start of the bean harvest soon around the county.
Double crop soybeans are progressing well in local fields, but will need additional time to develop being planted after wheat harvest. Continued precipitation has allowed hay harvest to continue to a fourth cutting in several fields, however later cuttings will require longer drying due to cooler weather that may be around the corner.

Hardin County Extension Rainfall Report for August 2018. The numbers in perenthesis is since the beginning of the growing season in April.

Blanchard Township: Nutrien Ag Solutions 4.30 (22.75)

.Buck Township: Heritage Coop./Kenton 4.60 (20.50)

.Cessna Township: Madelyn Lowery 3.10 (21.07)

.Dudley Township: Dale Rapp 6.07 (21.83)

.Goshen Township: Brien Bros. Farm 4.77 (16.27)

.Hale Township: Travis Ramsey 6.20 (25.90)

.Jackson Township: Rick Weber 5.50 (19.50)

.Liberty Township: Phil Epley 4.57 (19.88)

.Lynn Township: Jan Layman 6.60 (20.48)

.Marion Township: Mark Lowery 5.17 (18.13)

.McDonald Township: Jerry Stout 3.12 (16.85)

.Pleasant Township: Robert McBride 4.05 (14.78)

.Roundhead Township: Mike Lautenschlager 3.95 (18.70)

.Taylor Creek Township: Silver Creek Supply 4.57 (18.04)

.Washington Township: Randy Preston 5.20 (19.25)