Extension Rainfall Report for June

Posted on July 16, 2021

Hardin County – Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 3.12 inches of rain in Hardin County during June.

Last year, the average rainfall for June was 1.85 inches.

Rainfall for the month was 1.94 inches less than the ten-year average rainfall in the month of June.

Roundhead Township received 4.20 inches, the most of the township sites.

The least rain in June, 1.78 inches was reported in Dudley Township.

For the growing season since April 15, the average precipitation in all the townships was 8.30 inches, with a range from 7.24 inches in Dudley Township to 9.91 inches in Washington Township.

Farmers were able to finish planting crops that they weren’t able to previously plant in May due to wet soils. Some fields were replanted in spots where there was ponding due to May rainstorms. Good field conditions in June allowed not only for spring planting, but also for the first cutting of hay. June also brought warmer temperatures after which allowed for early season growth. Farmers were able to make herbicide applications and apply nitrogen to corn in a timely manner as well. The warmer temperatures also helped keep disease pressure low for the wheat crop.

Wheat harvest brought high grain yields with good test weights and grain quality. Straw continues to be baled in several of these fields. A few wheat fields remain unharvested because of rain, but will need to be completed soon to prevent yield loss from shrinking and swelling of the grain from moisture fluctuations. Crops in the field continued to grow slowly due to dry conditions, but recent rains have provided improvement. As corn pollinates, timely rains are needed during the reproductive stages. Corn fields look uniform where there has been more rain, while other areas are more variable. Soybean crops need additional rain as well to provide vegetative growth for nodes and pod placement as flowering has begun with this crop in several area fields. Soybeans tend to be more forgiving of dry conditions and can improve with rains later in the season. Overall, soybean fields appear short in many fields but have good weed control.

Hardin County Extension Rainfall Report for June 2021 (recorded in inches)

Township- Reporter- June 2021- Growing Season (from Apr. 15-2021)

Blanchard Township- Nutrien Ag Solutions- 3.21- 7.56

Buck Township- Heritage Cooperative (Kenton)- 2.93- 8.07

Cessna Township- Madelyn Lowery- 3.30- 8.95

Dudley Township- Dale Rapp- 1.78- 7.24

Goshen Township- John Brien- 2.58- 7.41

Hale Township- Travis Ramsey- 3.27- 7.45

Jackson Township- Rick Weber- 2.70- 8.70

Liberty Township- Phil Epley- 3.31- 8.93

Lynn Township- Jan Layman- 3.18- 8.22

Marion Township- Mark Lowery- 2.85- 8.35

McDonald Township- Jerry Stout- 3.88- 9.06

Pleasant Township- George Ziegler- 2.80- 8.55

Roundhead Township- Mike Lautenschlager- 4.20- 8.60

Taylor Creek Township- Silver Creek Supply- 3.04- 7.55

Washington Township- Randy Preston- 3.75- 9.91

Total average- 3.12- 8.30

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