Feel Good Story For November 6th 2020

Written on November 6, 2020



Santa has been named an “essential” worker!!

With the Christmas season just around the corner, kids around the globe have been worried that Santa might have to cancel his plans due to Coronavirus concerns—but according to the big man in the red suit himself, everyone can rest easy. “It has come to my attention,” Santa posted on Elf on a Shelf’s Facebook page, “that children around the world are being told by their older siblings, parents, and other adults, and even friends, that Christmas is not coming this year due to the [COVID-19] pandemic. This is simply not true.”
Not only has St. Nick been practicing social distancing like everyone else, he has been named an essential worker (a “key” worker, as it’s known across the pond) by the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Even though many holiday festivities will be observed by people who are six-feet apart, Santa has been given the ‘all-clear’ to carry out his Christmas Eve delivery duties as scheduled.
“Santa will not be prevented from delivering your presents on Christmas Eve,” Sturgeon declared in a speech reported by The Scottish Sun. “Santa is a key worker and he has got lots of magic powers that make him safe to do that. Santa will be delivering presents across the world as normal.Now, perhaps more than ever, the world needs comfort and joy, and for kids, that means a visit from Santa. One Scottish mom who shared her plan for encouraging the jolly old soul on a night that might seem darker than in years past has since seen her idea go viral.
“On Christmas Eve at 6 p.m. we are asking everyone to come outside and ring a bell for 2 [minutes] to spread Christmas spirit and to help Santa fly that sleigh,” Kathyrn Stubbs penned in a Facebook post. “After a tough year, it would be an amazing memory for the kids and communities. End 2020 with a bit of magic, hope, and togetherness!”
If you like the sound of this grand new holiday tradition as much as we do, feel free to ring along.”

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