Findlay Police Department Notes Increase in Grandparent Scams

Posted on May 17, 2022

The Findlay Police Department is seeing an increase in calls to its dispatch center regarding Grandparent Scams. 

In these scams, the intended victim gets a call from someone posing as his or her grandchild. 

The caller explains in a frantic-sounding voice that he or she is in trouble.

They state that there’s been an accident, or an arrest, or a robbery and their grandchild needs help. 

They then ask for money and instruct the victim not to tell anyone because they’re embarrassed and don’t want anyone to know. 

The Findlay Police Department encourages you to discuss this scam with your loved ones. 

Since many grandparents may have multiple children and grandchildren, this scam can be easy to fall for and continues to be a problem.

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