HN Soils Team Digs Deep

Written by on September 23, 2022

Written by: Cadence Coy

On Tuesday, September 20, the Hardin Northern urban and rural soils teams dug deep to become the top teams at the Hardin County Soils Invite. Hardin Northern hosted the soils contest, with three other schools attending at the event.

There were three pits that each team judged. They looked at different factors such as slope, drainage, soil texture, type of soil, etc.

Top: Hardin Northern Rural Team; Bottom: Hardin Northern Urban Team

Hardin Northern had seven urban and seven rural students competing. The urban team consisted of Bella Wilson, Preston Wykes, Aubry Smith, Catherine Overs, Leif Trachsel, Cooper Thomas, and Sean Kuhlman. The rural team consisted of Brady Robey, Dylan Bacon, Zeb Wilson, Annemarie Minter, Landon Wetherill, Heidi Trachsel, and Preston Grappy.

The top three students on the urban team were Bella Wilson (high individual), Aubry Smith (2nd place individual), and Leif Trachsel (3rd place individual). The top three rural students were Zeb Wilson (high individual), Preston Grappy (2nd place individual), and Heidi Trachsel (3rd place individual).

Both teams were the county winning teams and will be moving on to the district contest on Thursday next week.

Both rural and urban teams are excited and ready to get dirty on the 29th of September.

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