Irish Parade in Lima Saturday; LPD Issues Reminders Concerning DORA

Posted on March 11, 2022

The Irish Parade in Lima returns this weekend.

The parade starts at noon at Robb Avenue near St. Gerard’s Church in Lima and will travel south on Main Street to the Town Square.

With a portion of downtown Lima now being considered a DORA or Downtown Outside Refreshment Area, the Lima Police Department released a list of reminders for those attending.

The reminders include that only alcohol bought at establishments within the DORA district can be consumed in a DORA cup.

Beverages from one establishment cannot be taken into another establishment and once a DORA cup has left an establishment, it must be consumed before you enter any other business.

The police department stated that all local and state laws about public intoxication, indecency, noise and driving while intoxicated still apply.

A complete list of the reminders can be found on the Lima Police Department Facebook page:

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