JFS Representative Speaks to Kenton Rotary

Written by on November 9, 2021

Rotary member, Amy Lambdin (l) is joined by Amber Conley (r) from Department of Job and Family Services (JFS)

Amber is the Social Services Administrator and has been with Hardin County for two-and-half months. She has 10 years of service prior to coming to Hardin County.

Amber shared info on mandated reporters that must notify her department when suspected abuse is happening to a child.

She spoke about how to go about making a call to her office if you suspect abuse.

The more information you can provide when calling her office the better.

She and her other 11 staff members screen numerous reports each day.

In 2019 they investigated 350 cases, in 2020 they investigated 334 cases, and so far this year they have investigated 288 cases.

They currently have 65 children involved with social services with 24 being in county custody.

Current track