Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Releases Minutes from September Meeting

Written by on September 13, 2021

Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International met for a tour of Pathway Tables Factory northeast of Upper Sandusky on September 11 at 10 a.m.

Noah Lucas guided 17 members through the process of making beautiful live edge tables from Ohio’s hardwood trees such as maple, oak, ash, cherry, hickory, and poplar. The process begins with the finding and cutting of old Ohio trees that are heading to be firewood or mulch. The trees may have imperfections such as knots and holes. The trees are cut into various sizes of lengths and dried for about 2 years. When the wood is dried enough, it is put in a kiln, each species takes a turn, to get the humidity within the wood down to an acceptable amount. The finished wood is stacked with space between to allow good air drying until a piece is needed to build a table. A customer is encouraged to come to pick out the piece of wood and select the type of finish and length. The factory also welds whatever design of steel legs or wooden legs as the customer envisions.

Since beginning the business as a hobby in 2015 and then as a full time business in 2018, business has grown and incorporated the River Table. The pieces of wood, that have holes and unusual growths and curves, have been made into River Tables. The holes are filled with an epoxy, which can be colored by customer’s choice, then hardened and sanded down to a flat surface to make beautiful tables to match the decor. A showroom is in Powell, OH to help make a selection for any type of table. The tables are shipped far and wide.

Kappa members thanked Lucas for the interesting tour and drove to Stone Crossing Golf Club for an 11 a.m. luncheon followed by a short meeting. Co-Pres. Patti Palmer and Donna Myers welcomed the members, and Palmer began with a prayer before lunch. To begin the meeting, Palmer thanked Ann Frisch for the newsletter, and Co. Vice-Pres. Virginia Shellhouse, Kathy Lundy, plus Nikki Luman at the Mohawk Community Library for getting the schedule of programs and pages needed for the program book typed and distributed. Sec. Harris’s minutes were accepted. The treasurer’s report will be viewed at the October meeting.

Co-Pres. Myers stated the news from the national organization. The building in Austin, TX has been sold and the group is looking for office space to rent. She is also busy reviewing Ohio’s 85 chapter by-laws. She says that plans for a spring state board meeting will be in June 2022. As everyone knows, the pandemic is still active so decisions will be made later if meetings will be in person or virtual on the computer.

A collection of change was gathered for the Schools in Africa project and brag bag. Money for the brag bag will be discussed at the October meeting. Cards were suggested for Shirley Spitler, Jean Kearns, Laurie Vent, and Tammy Elchert. Any corrections for the new schedule or contact information is encouraged. It was stated that it is official that our organization is now to be called Ohio State Organization Delta Kappa Gamma. The revised chapter rules were accepted and will be sent to the state. Palmer led everyone in thanking Myers for updating the rules. Palmer asked for volunteers for the 2nd VP office. Please contact Palmer or Myers if there are any Kappa member inductees for the November meeting. Hannah’s House “Toolbox Project” is complete, but members can still donate if they wish. The ADSOEF service committee has money to award in 3 categories. Applications are available at www.adsoef.org.

This committee of Ann Frisch, Deb Rellinger, Charlotte Leeth, and Shirley Spitler were thanked for the arrangements. The next meeting will be held on October 9 at 10 a.m. at the Shawshank Workshop in Upper Sandusky. The committee is Teresa Harris, Norma Frederick, Dorothy Blackburn, and Lorrene Roberts. Box lunches will be ordered. Any active or retired teacher is welcome to attend. Having no other business, Palmer ended with a prayer and wished everyone safe travels.

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