Ohio Governor John Kasich announced a massive $657.5 million deposit into the Buckeye State’s Rainy Day Fund. This deposit is the second largest in history, according to the Dispatch.

The rainy day fund is now at $2.691 billion, compared to the 89 cents it held when the two-term Republican Governor took office in January 20011.

The state’s democratic lawmakers in the House of representatives responded by saying in part that Ohio schools were cut by almost $1 billion and local communities by twice that amount in a tweet published Tuesday Morning.

At the press conference held yesterday, Kasich took a swipe at legislators saying that “It’s a disease among all politicians to start spending money to those who scream the loudest.”

He goes on to respond to local governments that have been outspoken in their lack of State aid in this administration. Kasich accused the local governments of “unremitting whining” and  “[running] surpluses and give pay raises and don’t manage their budgets too much of the time.”