The board first reorganized. Samuel Albert, Doug Carmean, and Sheena Striker were sworn in by board treasurer Tracy Hiller. Mark Rush was elected as President, and Mark Watkins was named his Vice. The meetings were set for the third Monday of each month at 7pm.


The board handled several miscellaneous items regarding it’s reorganization.

  • Authorized for the Treasurer to request advance draws of tax settlements of up to
    $600,000. Each.

  • Authorized for the Treasurer to invest interim and inactive funds as deemed
    appropriate to gain the best interest rate.

  • Designated of Purchasing Agent for the district and establishment of maximum
    allowable single purchases without prior Board authorization.

  • Purchasing Agent – Jennifer Penczarski Maximum allowable single purchase amount of $25,000

  • Authorized the cafeteria manager, maintenance supervisor, technology supervisor

and transportation supervisor to purchase supplies and materials up to a maximum of
$2,500 per order.

  • Authorized the Superintendent to approve staff member attendance at professional

  • Committee Appointments by the President:

    • Audit/Finance:  Mark Rush and Mark Watkins

    • Facilities/Transportation:  Mark Watkins and Doug Carmean

    • Personnel:  Mark Watkins and Sheena Striker

    • Curriculum/Instruction:  Mark Rush and Sheena Striker

    • Business and Education Council:  Doug Carmean

    • Cafeteria:  Samuel Albert and Sheena Striker

    • Co Curricular Music/Athletics:  Mark Rush and Samuel Albert  

    • OSBA Legislative Liaison:  Samuel Albert

    • Parks and Recreation:  Doug Carmean and Tracy Hiller

    • R.E. Allen Scholarship:  Sheena Striker

    • Records Commission:  Mark Rush  

    • Policy Committee:  Mark Rush and Doug Carmean

    • Ohio Hi-Point Career Center:  Russ Blue

  • Appoint Jennifer Penczarski as the title IX Compliance Officer (Sexual Discrimination) and Title VI Coordinator (race, color and national origin).

  • Appoint Michelle Wise as the Section 504 Coordinator (Handicap).


During the regular board meeting it was noted that the board will be voting on next year’s school calendar. Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski noted that Calendar A will allow the first semester of classes to be completed before the holiday break, with school starting August 15th and dismissing for the summer on the 21st of May. The calendar has classes in session during the week of the Hardin County Fair.


The second option, B, will allow for the Hardin County Fair week off, but will end the semester after the holiday break, similar to this year’s current calendar. School will be set to begin the same day, but will be let out one day later on the 22nd of May. Penczarski said that the staff members are currently voting on the two calendar options now with the majority of the results leaning toward the B calendar. The result of that vote will be the staff’s recommendation to the board, who will then vote at the February meeting.


Penczarski explained the school frigid weather delay process. She said that the district considers a delay option when the wind chill is below zero. When the temperatures dip to the double digit figures below zero, the district entertains a cancellation. Penczarski then noted that any families with children in need of warm clothing should contact the school building office for assistance.


In personnel items, Beth Burgbacher, Patricia Davidson, Judy Donnal, Mel Donnal, JoAnn Erwin, Ronda Hottman, Sherry Pash, Pam Stollar, Siobhonne Ward were all approved as ticket takers for the new year.

Jaime Crippin was approved as a volunteer.

Katie Brim and Sarah Manns were approved as Club ROAR tutors.

The following employee supplemental contracts were approved: Sharon Martin, Dual Enrollment, Matt Dudek, High School Head Baseball coach, Bo Hoppe, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Colby Rush, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Bo Hoppe, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Colby Rush, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Bill Lawrence, High School Head Softball coach, Rick Hudgel, High School Assistant Softball coach, Chuck Downing, High School Head Track coach, Nancy Baum, High School Assistant Track coach, Jared Manns, Middle School Assistant Track coach, Kevin Kapanka, Middle School Assistant Track coach, Rick Collins,  High School Boys Tennis coach.

Trevor Beazley, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Trevor Beazley, High School Assistant Baseball coach, Dave Stuck, High School Assistant Track coach, Meg Manns, Middle School Head Track coach, were awarded non-employee supplemental contracts.


The board approved an agreement with the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency that allowed for the use of school busses in the event of an emergency and the mileage reimbursement of 54.5 cents.

The next regular Board of Education meeting will be held on February 19, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.