The Kenton City Council met in Council Chambers at 7 o’clock for their first meeting of 2018.


The meeting began with the swearing in of the City Council members and City officials. Two new City Council members were sworn in along with the new Kenton Treasurer. Filling the vacant seat for the First Ward on City Council is John McEntee. Filling the vacant seat for the Fourth Ward City Council is Tim Leffler. And, the new Kenton City Treasurer is Terri Downey.


The Kenton Police Department Chief, Dennis Musser presented to the council, members of the Police Department who were receiving personal award commendations. Sergeant Ed McNamara, Officer Jen Brand, Officer Dan Foulk and, Dispatcher Karen Harp were all award commendations for their service with the Kenton Police Department.


In Old Business, an ordinance allowing Mid Ohio Energy Cooperative to provide business in the city of Kenton was read before the council for its third reading. Council Member Dave Beazley moved to have the council lay the motion aside before voting. He explained that with the addition of the two newest members of the council, laying the motion aside would provide the new members ample time to understand past discussion of the ordinance.


Two dates were brought to the attention of the Council by Council Member Pegg Wren. Those dates were June 22nd and April the 28th. June the 22nd will be the date for the Eats on the Streets that is held in the Downtown Historic Courthouse District in Kenton. April the 28th is expected to be the date of the “Spring Clean Up” in Kenton.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be on January the 22nd at 7 o’clock in Council Chambers.