Kenton City Council Loses Their Anchor

Posted on May 23, 2022

Tonight’s (May 23) Kenton City Council meeting was the last for council clerk Brenda Hanna who will be replaced by Emma Boutwell. Brenda has been with the city for around 30 years. I do not know the actual number and, frankly, I do not care to. Not because Brenda doesn’t deserve to be recognized for loyally serving the city of Kenton but because based on what people closer to her than I have said, you can’t quantify her impact with simply time served. Kenton Law Director John Schwemer called Hanna the anchor of Kenton city council and jokingly suggested they introduce legislation to force her to stay. Mayor Lynn Webb would call her “A true gem” and even went as far as saying “If you could put a face on our city it would be Brenda.” Council President Joel Althauser admitted that in tense situations he sometimes thinks to himself “Be like Brenda” as she always operates with a level head and thinks of what would be best for the city first.

In other news Mayor Webb issued a reminder that next week trash pickup will be pushed back a day due to Memorial Day and Law Director Schwemer suggested the city look into codifying regulations for commercial solar as he believes solar will be arriving to our area sooner rather than later.

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