The Kenton City Council Met last night in Council chambers at seven o’clock.


Jesse Purcell of the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance and Courtney Linke of U.S. Bank addressed the council. In their address, Jesse Purcell cited how with the help from a grant provided by U.S. Bank, the Murray Park will be receiving a sunshade. The grant is allowing the Chamber to purchase a 15 x 15 sunshade that will be placed at Murray park. Purcell cited that there is currently no area of shade at the park and this will allow a safer and more enjoyable experience of the park. If you know of an organization that would like funding for their group you can visit


The Council heard comments from the Kenton Fire Department concerning the purchase of a new EMS vehicle. According to Chief Clark, the Kenton Fire Department was able to purchase an ambulance from Bellefontaine that will be used to make service calls in Kenton. The Kenton Fire Department is also asking the Council to provide further funding to equip the ambulance.


An ordinance that will allow Mid Ohio Energy Cooperative to operate in the city of Kenton was adopted by the Council. After being previously laid aside, the Council moved to bring the motion back to the table for discussion. After debate, the Council moved to adopt the ordinance unanimously.


An ordinance giving the Hardin County Airport a go-ahead on purchasing an all weather monitoring system was adopted by the Council. And, the Council also adopted an ordinance that would align the city with newly passed tax legislation on the state level.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be February the 12th at seven o’clock in Council Chambers.