The Kenton City Council met last night in Council Chambers.


To begin the evening, Judge Greg Grimslid of the Hardin County Municipal Court along with Jennifer Alger, municipal Court Clerk, gave their annual report to the council. Within the report, the court shared numbers of the 2017 year. In 2005 there were 856 misdemeanors in Hardin County while that number has fallen to 453 misdemeanors in 2017 under Judge’s 12 years with the court. Jennifer Alger shared that online payments to the court have been of great success with around 175,000 dollars in online payments.


Chief Musser of the Kenton Police Department was able to update the Council on who the Kenton City Schools Resource Officer will be. According to Musser, Dan Foulk will be serving as the Resource Officer for the School.


Chief Clark of the Kenton Fire Department updated the Council on the ongoing invigations into several fires in Kenton that occured over the weekend. According to Clark, these fires have been designated as Arson’s and at this time it is not known if they are related to two prior Arsons in the City. Chief Clark thanked the community along with multiple city and county departments for their assistance in fighting the fires.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be May 14 at 7pm in Council Chambers.