Kenton City Safety Committee Asks Citizens to Refrain from Lighting Fireworks

Posted on June 28, 2021

Three new ordinances were passed as Kenton City Council met Monday evening. The most noteworthy being ordinance no. 21-015 which provided additional appropriations and transferred funds for the year 2021, including $6,000 transferred to the city pool’s concession stand to buy food items for the upcoming swim meet July 8th.

Ordinance no. 21-016 was introduced with new business, If passed this ordinance will amend and restate a number of codified ordinance sections relating to safety, sanitation, and health in the city of Kenton. We will have more on this after the next reading.

In closing statements Mayor Lynn Webb once again issued a call to action for area businesses to help in city wide cleanup efforts. Even something as simple as plucking a weed or sweeping the walkway in front of your business could be of great help. Along with this call to action Mayor Webb announced a change to the city’s cleanup schedule with cleanup crews now scheduled to begin work early Friday mornings.

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