Kenton Firefighter Tyler Pitts Recently Completed Paramedic Training.

Written by on March 5, 2021

Kenton Fire Department Chief Bruce Donnelly talks about what that entails, “Basically what that does, is it allows him to provide the highest level of EMS care that’s possible pre-hospital care at this point and time. He is allowed to do cardiac medicine that can help with people who are in cardiac arrest and other incidents like that, so basically that’s what that does is for him, it slows him to provide that highest level of care pre-hospital incidents.”

The Chief said that enables his department to help keep up on the growing number of EMS runs, “What we’re going right now is we’re taking every other run with BKP right now here just in the City of Kenton itself, so we’re on a rotation with them for taking alternate runs, because just about everybody but one down here at the fire department is EMS trained, and so basically it just gives them more opportunities to practice their skills and keep up on their skills being able to take those extra calls like that.”

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