Kenton-Hardin Health Department Conducts Monthly Meeting

Written on January 27, 2021

The Kenton-Hardin Health Department Board of Health addressed several ongoing concerns at its first meeting of 2021 Tuesday evening:

  • Robert Wood and Jeryl Kissling have been retained as Board of Health President and Vice President, respectively.
  • ArmorVax scheduling technologies will be introduced as a method of streamlining the vaccine-booking process.
  • Distinguished Service Awards will be made for all area healthcare workers.
  • Mounting expenses and disinterest from participating families have forced Hardin County’s Help Me Grow program to undergo a desk audit.
  • An incoming shipment of car seats from Dayton will leave the health department “floor-to-ceiling” with car seats, leading to the consideration of donating extra seats to neighboring counties.
  • Four purchase orders totaling $11,300, including $7,500 for the ArmorVax program and around three-thousand dollars for a billing program for the dental council, were approved.
  • A patient received a reimbursement of $80.55 for fees covered by her deductible which she had paid out-of-pocket.
  • The Board of Health approved the continuation of the current policy of end-of-month overtime payouts.

Meetings of the Kenton-Hardin Health Department Board of Health are scheduled to be held virtually on the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at five p.m.

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