Kenton-Hardin Health Department PIO Addresses Kenton Rotary

Posted on May 2, 2022

An update was provided by Kelsey Ralston, Public Information Officer, Kenton-Hardin Health Department, of all the work that they do.

A brief update was given about COVID.

Kelsey reminded us about all of the other things that the Health Department does to keep our community safe and healthy. The staff of 10 provide vital statistics records, birth and death records. Wellness clinics, Help Me Grow, Immunizations, family planning and a check to see that your car seat is properly installed! They also inspect our campgrounds, swimming pools, water and water treatment, food service and address nuisance complaints.

During the Pandemic our Health Department was able to become an Accredited Public Health Department. What this means to the community is that all Health Department’s across the nation will provide services and care based on a set standard. This is not to say that all health departments will offer the same services but the service provided will meet the standard of other accredited health departments. This was no small piece of paper. The work involved in this process is rigorous and required many hours/years of work along with Strategic planning and a Community Health Assessment.

To lean more of what our Health Department does for our community visit:

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