Kenton High School is offering a new kind of health screening for its students. The test is called mCore which stands for Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation. The program is implemented in 300 schools across Ohio. Kenton is the first school in the Western Buckeye League to use the test.


Sandy Pruden of Kenton is leading the charge of this initiative after a family member was tested.


“The idea came from my Grandaughter. She lives in Florida, she’s 16 and a soccer player (or was.)” Explained Pruden. “Her high school evaluates all of their athletes. During her evaluation, they found out she had long QT which means she would be a candidate for sudden Cardiac Arrest where you drop over dead for no reason that you know of.” Explained Pruden.


Pruden said that the test is quick, cheap, and painless, especially for what it can prevent.


“It only takes 10-12 minutes and there is absolutely no pain. Anymore pain than putting on band-aids and running a cold marble over your body. So, absolutely no pain and very quick, only about 10-12 minutes of your life.” Pruden assures.


The cost has been reduced to the students thanks to some generous donors in the community.


“It costs us $75, which is still a bargain because it’s over $2,500 worth of testing if you go to a health facility and have it done. We are chasing each person $20 mainly so we have a slush fund to use for future events.” Pruden said.


The first event, slated for the middle of this upcoming week, has been filled. The next event to be screened is in April. To schedule an mCore test at that event, click here.