Kenton Police Take Reports of Theft

Kenton Police took reports of thefts on Friday and Saturday.


The first theft was reported on Friday. According to the report from the Kenton Police Department sometime late Thursday evening into Early Friday morning an unknown person came onto the property of the 300 block of Center Street and stole two aluminum rims, one car battery, and 3 lawn mower batteries. The items were considered to be around a $500 value.


Another theft was reported on Friday. Tice Construction Company reported that sometime between September 14th and Friday the 28th, someone came onto the property and stole from  three Duralast HD batteries and a terminal cable. No further information was available on the report.


And on Saturday, Walmart reported a theft of merchandise valued over $300 was stolen back on September 21st. A suspect was named on the report but no charges have been filed according to the report. All thefts are under investigation.

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