Kenton Top Twenty Camp Taking Place this Week

Written by on August 12, 2021

Kenton High School’s Top Twenty Camp has been going on this week.

Vocal music Director Todd Daquino said the camp got started on Monday, “It’s been going very well. We have 31 kids this year, 19 girls and 12 boys, and they are doing a back to school show theme, which is kind of nice given we’re kind of moving towards some normalcy this school year. “We’re doing songs that talk about a cliché high school, so we have different kinds of clicks. We have the jocks and the nerds and the cheerleaders and things trying to structure a show that really is all about the school experience.”

He talks about upcoming performances, “We’re at the Hardin County Fair on Sunday during the Choir Show, and then we will not be performing again in a competition setting until Ada, which is the second Saturday of November. When we get into January, that’s when  our competition  season really hits, we’ll have five competitions, and then our Cabaret is going to be held May20-22.”

The camp concludes on Friday August 13, and has been held at Abundant Life Assembly of God Church in Kenton.

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