Kenton Voters Said Yes to KCS; Results of Contested Hardin County Races from Tuesday Election

Posted on November 3, 2021

Hardin County voters were kind to most money issues on the ballot Tuesday.

The Kenton City Schools Bond Issue for construction of a Middle and High School building passed: 1280 in favor 913 against.

Members of the Vote Yes KCS Committee released this statement to voters of the district: “THANK YOU for your support and desire to help improve the schools for students of Kenton City Schools! Our committee thanks you for taking the time to become informed and educated about the benefits of building a new middle/high school! We are grateful that you are willing to invest in the future of our students, as well as the future of our city. Let’s work together to build the future, for us all!”

The Ada School District levy was passed: 631 in favor and 462 against.

Two Liberty Township Park District levies were also approved. The one mill levy 772 in favor and 323 against. The 1.5 mill levy: 712 in favor and 375 against. 

Also approved by voters was a levy for the Ada Public Library: 746 in favor and 351 voted against the levy.

Voters however said no to the SE Hardin NW Union Joint Fire District levy. Union County voters narrowly approved the levy (84 in favor and 68 against), but that was not enough to overcome the Hardin County results (347 against and 151 in favor). When combined, the levy failed( 415 against and 235 in favor). 

Looking at contested races:

The top 3 vote getters for a Kenton City Council-at-Large seat were: Robin Jones (840), Peggy Wren (811) and Anda Tudor (581).

Top 4 for Alger Council: Craig Decker (71), Jodi Gibson (71), Rick Onions (69) and Lori Hunt (61).

Top 4 for a seat on Forest Council: David Book (158), Ashley Gullifer (119), Danielle Lambrite (117), Jerrie Whitling (94).

The McGuffey Mayor’s race was won by: Matthew Motter (28 votes)

Winning seats on the Ada School’s Board of Education were: Ted Griffith (585) and Ron Fleming (358).

Kenton Board seats were won by: Doug Carmean (1669), Rodney Hensel (1588) and Tasha Heydinger (1164).

Riverdale Board seats including Hancock County were won by: Ashley Walters (535), Rick Clark (495) and Derek Dailey (434).

Buck Township Trustees-Top 2: Randy Scharf (181) and Jason Fulton (161).

Liberty Township Trustees-Top 2: Bradley Hays (679) and Gary Hall (542).

Marion Township Trustees-Top 2: Jeff Thompson (233) and Paul Osborne (191).

McDonald Township Trustees-Top 2: Shane Hites (134) and Jared Lautenschlager (125).

Roundhead Township Trustees-Top 2: Crosby Manchester (97) and Grant Mizek (97).

This is the unofficial canvass for the Tuesday election that saw a 28% voter turnout.

For the complete unofficial canvass, click here:

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