No threats were ever made to the Kenton High School.


Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser wants to make that clear to parents who are calling the police department and making comments on Facebook.


The Chief said they take any and all threats seriously, "Many of us have kids in Kenton City Schools. We are close with the staff and the children there, and we most certainly take any and all threats regarding our kids and our school faculty seriously, and we will investigate them thoroughly every single time, so I would just ask that people avoid the innuendo, the rumor spreading. It does nothing but worsen the situation for us."


He said the whole situation got out of control when two students made comments to each other, "It was simply two high school kids that had an argument, and one child made a remark about wanting to essentially assault the other child. There was never a mention of a weapon, never a phone call to the school making threats, nothing like that at all. It was just that it was simply taken out of context by the other kids and turned into what we had to deal with this morning."


Chief Musser added that they work very closely with the schools, and if there ever was a credible threat, there wouldn't be school on that day.