Letter Carriers Need a Clear Path

Written by on February 3, 2022

Help USPS avoid slips, trips, and falls

OHIO – The Postal Service is asking customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs, and mailboxes, to help letter carriers deliver the mail.

Hazards such as uneven surfaces, wet pavement, and snow and ice can pose a serious threat to Postal Service employees.

Maintaining a clear path to the mailbox – including steps, porches, walkways, and street approach – will help letter carriers maintain consistent delivery service. Customers receiving door delivery should make sure their sidewalks, steps and porches are clear.

Customers receiving curbside delivery should remove snow piles left by snowplows to keep access to their mailboxes clear for letter carriers.

Residents and businesses with blue collection boxes near their property are asked to keep them clear of snow and ice.

Postal employees make every reasonable effort to deliver mail in many difficult weather conditions. With your help, we can keep our letter carriers, your neighbors, and your property safe. Thank you for protecting our letter carriers as we continue to bring packages and correspondence to your door each day.

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